Hello Discoverers,

I hope you didn't dissolve and get washed away in the rain this week!  I got VERY wet one day.  Here are some things to do inside in the dry.

Richard has done the last story about Samson.  The quiz is about all the Samson stories, so put your thinking caps on and try to remember from the very beginning before he was even born.  I'd love to hear how you did!

Esther has made a craft for you to do:

It has been lovely to see some of you around and at school recently.  We hope to see you all next week

Sarah, Hannah, Richard, Wylva, Miyuki,

Catherine, Ben, David, Esther and Seth


Holywell Church

Samson (5)

 The Quiz

Samson Craft

Songs to sing along to

Storykeepeers (episode 7)