Student WhatsApp Group

We have a student WhatsApp Group to keep you informed of events for students (such as meals and Bible Studies). Send your details in on the contact page if you would like to be included

Students at Holywell

Students have been finding a welcome at Holywell and getting involved in church life here for years.  The church recognises the valuable role students can play in the church and that we can play a valuable role in your life too.

We’ve got a good range of undergrads, postgrads, uni, college, UK and international students.  Contact us or come along to find out more.

Why come to Holywell?

Holywell Church is a short walk from the campus.  We aim to be a gospel-centred, Bible-teaching, God-loving and Christ-honouring church. At 10:30 am each Sunday about 170 people of various ages and nationalities meet, including undergrad, postgrad, uni, college, home and international students. We meet again at 6:30 pm on Sunday evenings.